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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Sam and Bo belong to good friends of ours. They’re Golden Retriever x Poodle brothers from the same litter. I’m sure they won’t mind me saying that they weren’t the most cooperative of subjects. We had all the other key ingredients for a successful shoot though – great light and great location – so it all worked out in the end!

Yes, they are Ruthless Leather collars, well spotted!

Over Easter I found a thing that makes a duck noise when I blow into it. It creates this kind of expression in most dogs. Usually only once though so I have to nail it first time!

Posing really wasn’t their thing, so we went to a secluded part of the park so they could play offlead. No sibling rivalry here, they’re the best of mates.

And finally, a winning smile in the autumn leaves before darkness set in. Good boy Bo!

After meeting Mac at his pre-session consult I couldn’t wait for his photo session. Unfortunately the weather was rubbish and then he sliced his paw open so I had to contain myself for a few weeks. When we finally got down to business Mac didn’t disappoint. He loved all my treats and all my toys and the camera loved him.

That smile!!!

This is his owners favourite – his lion pose – so I had to make sure I captured it in all it’s glory.

Mac decided that my bag of toys was all for him and when he got bored of one he went and helped himself to a new one. I was warned that he was a toy destroyer so when I saw the duck become his new favourite thing I accepted that it wouldn’t be coming home with me. Not long afterwards it was beheaded.

RIP duckie!

I’m going to preface these photos with a quote from Glenn Cooke of Pet Resorts Australia [who hosted this seminar]:

“For those of you who don’t understand working dogs – all these dogs are sociable and were around 20+ people all weekend. Working dogs, when done by the right people, is a lot of fun and it builds drive in the dogs while also allowing them to burn off excess energy.

Many people assume that doing this type of work makes dogs aggressive when usually it has the opposite effect. It teaches them to control aggression and not attack from fear which is, and generally has been, the ongoing issue by poorly socialised, badly bred dogs.”

Kris from Von Forell regularly runs workshops all over Australia. Keep an eye on his website for announcements.

Back in February I introduced you to Jackson. I regularly post photos of him on Facebook. I bring him to pet events with his “adopt me” vest on. He’s been featured on the Puppy Tales blog. Everyone who meets him loves him and lots of people wish they could give him a home but their current circumstances won’t allow it. Despite my best efforts to promote him, three months later he still hasn’t had so much as a meet and greet. We have no idea why, he’s such a great dog!

So, while he’s waiting, here are some more photos of his handsome face.

A few weeks ago Trixie celebrated her 7th “birthday”. This was the hardest photo shoot Jackson’s ever had to partake in. He didn’t understand how there could be five yummy treats in front of him but he wasn’t allowed to gobble them up. He managed to get through it but the look on his face remained utterly pathetic throughout, God love him!

It’s Jackson’s 2nd birthday on 15 June [which is the same day as the Fetching Dogs Trivia Night, buy a ticket!] and we’d really love for him to get to celebrate it with his new family, so please share his profile far and wide >