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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Puppy town has been dismantled, all the towels and blankets have been washed and I haven’t had any contact with dog pooh for over 24hrs! Our foster puppies all went on their adoption trials yesterday and judging by the photos on Facebook, some have well and truly made themselves at home already. It’s very quiet here. I definitely miss them. Fetching Dogs have offered me another litter to care for but they know as well as I do that I need a good 8-10 months between fosters to forget how much work it is!

Here’s a selection of photos from their time here [including some phone pics].

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There are some videos on my YouTube channel if you have the urge to see more cuteness.

Morpheus is another Fetching Dogs death row save from Renbury Farm Animal Shelter. I happened to be way out west on Thursday so I was able to nip into his carers to do a mini-shoot for his adoption photos just before the sun set. Having witnessed how loved and loveable he is I see foster failure written all over him! But I’ll share the photos anyway, because he’s just gorgeous.

He LOVES his tummy rubs!

Fetching Dogs won’t be taking applications for Morph for another week, so keep an eye on their website or Facebook page for his listing.

The puppies made me forget all about posting these photos! At the end of June the Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club celebrated their 50th anniversary at their grounds in Centennial Park. There were obedience and agility displays, face painting, cake and lots of gorgeous dogs!

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Despite declaring that I’d never foster again after Petey and Stella, I had a moment of weakness recently and offered to take on half of Kimono’s litter! We have Zen, Dashi, Anzu and Kasumi [pictured above]. I thought I’d be taking millions of photos of them, but all the cleaning and feeding and keeping my own four from feeling unloved is leaving very little time for anything else. They’ll be here for another few weeks so stay tuned for at least one proper blog post.

They have their own Facebook page where there are heaps of photos and videos of all nine puppies and foster uncle Bruno. If you think it’s a time suck, try living here at the moment!

If you follow my Facebook page you might remember me posting a phone pic of a Shar Pei puppy when her owner booked a session in November. Due to terrible rain last summer we had to reschedule several times. Last week we finally got to go ahead with the shoot with Peityn and her new little brother Kai.

Half way through the shoot it started raining, but luckily there was an enclosed balcony we were able to utilise.

I was fascinated by Kai’s velvety looking wrinkles, but got quite a surprise when I stroked them and discovered that Shar Peis are actually quite prickly. I wonder how many people would buy the toilet paper they’re used to sell if they knew that!