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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Anyone that knows me will know how hard it’s been for me to keep this project a secret for the last few months! I’m relieved to finally be able to share the news with everyone… if you live in Sydney, look out for these images of mine in bus shelters around the city!

M&CSAATCHI, in conjunction with Adshel, are running a pro bono campaign for Sydney Dogs and Cats Home. The objective of the project is to raise funds for the Home and also generate awareness around the many cats and dogs within the Home that are waiting to be adopted. The name of the campaign is Limited Edition and will highlight the fact that these animals are literally Limited Editions and will be put down if they are not adopted. You can help by purchasing the print or adopting the animal.

Limited Edition
20 well known, respected photographers
70 cats and dogs
70 one off artistic prints on display via a CBD gallery of metrolites
All prints for auction on eBay
Profits go to Sydney Dogs and Cats Home to help save lives

Pictured above are Jill [who’s been adopted], Arizona [who’s been adopted] and Vegas [who’s still looking for his forever home… and runs a very real risk of becoming mine if he doesn’t hurry up and get one soon!].

UPDATE: Vegas has now been adopted also. Phew!

Meet Bruno! We’re going to be fostering him when we get back from overseas [more about that below]. The reason I haven’t been taking a lot of photos recently or blogging is because I’ve been setting up Bull Breeds in Need. As I was putting listings on the Facebook page yesterday I saw this cute munchkin on death row. I couldn’t let him die, he’s just too lovely!

He’s probably under a year. Not sure what breed. Bigger than Angel but smaller than Trixie. Maybe Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossed with American Staffordshire Terrier. Or just cute crossed with adorable!

We’re going on holidays next Friday. Returning early-mid June [not sure of the exact date yet]. I’ll be answering emails while we’re away, but maybe not straight away. Ruthless Leather orders won’t go into production until we return, so the lead time will be a little longer than usual. Please be patient, it’s worth the wait!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you might remember the raffle for pet owners in flood affected areas of Australia. Betty and Uma’s owners were the lucky winners of the grand prize – a photo-shoot, a 16×24″ canvas and a Ruthless Leather collar. Weather and other commitments kept sabotaging our efforts to organise a shoot, but last weekend we finally caught a break. We started off with a bit of a runaround in the park and then back to their house for glamour shots!

Doesn’t Betty just have the best smile?

Betty and Uma were very curious about the lens hood on my 24-70mm lens. I think they thought there were treats stashed in it!

Look out for Betty strutting her burgundy and aged brass Lone Rocker around the Inner West of Sydney!