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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Back in January I posted a few pics of MonElite Dobermann’s litter of 4wk old puppies. I went back to visit them last night and my how they’ve grown… into tiny terrors!! I know everyone says that puppies are cute, and it’s true, from a distance they’re just adorable. Unfortunately up close they’re all teeth and nails. I was surprised to make it out of there with my trousers intact and my shoelaces still in one piece! [Click thumbnails to open picture viewer.]

Most of the puppies are going to their new homes this weekend, but Monika still has a couple of pups available. Preference will be given to an owner that is interested in showing their pup.

After Tiger, I think Paddy is probably my littlest client to date. He’s only small in stature though, he’s got a massive personality… and a pretty big bark! We met at his home in Paddington where he came running to greet me with his favourite toy in his mouth. He was happy to pose for 30 seconds at a time as long as I threw his toy in between shots. After the house we went to Centennial Park where he surprised me with his solid sit/stays. He sat very patiently on the steps while people came and went. Such a good boy. Afterwards he got to tear around like a lunatic. I think he liked that part the best!

My new camera bag arrived today and I love it so much that I had to tell the world! I already have one of these bad boys and one of these and another smaller one that I can’t find on their website, but I didn’t have anything funky. I heard about PorteenGear on Etsy and I had to have one. The bags are customiseable – I chose the patterned fabric, the colour leather, the colour canvas, the internal fabric and the strap. They’re handmade to order so now I fully empathise with everyone who orders from Ruthless Leather and has to wait 3-4wks for their goods. Patience is a virtue!

A full description of the dimensions and the materials can be seen here. Happy shopping!

We had the pleasure of minding this little lady on Friday night. She left the pound that afternoon and came to us so I could photograph her before she went into her foster home up the coast on Saturday. Honey was very hand shy at first, but as soon as we brought Chopper out to meet her she turned into a different dog. A goofy, gangly puppy that was bursting out of her skin to play. She was an absolute joy to have here… even if she did do a pooh in the house, trample in it and then get the zoomies! I hadn’t planned on mopping the floor when it was 35+ degrees outside, but how could I get mad at this face??

I’m very jealous of whoever adopts this gorgeous girl. She’s a real gem. Her Pet Rescue profile is here.

William and Brown really are the quintessential odd couple! William the Westie is your typical cheeky little terrier and Brown the Greyhound is quiet and unassuming… although he is prone to the occasional bout of zoomies! We started at their house in Paddington and then moved on to Centennial Park.

William likes to drop, crawl and then roll around like a crazy thing!

Brown just likes relaxing and taking it all in.

Isn’t he cute as a button?

Brown used to be a racer, but he was dumped and subsequently rescued. Although he’s very happy with his new life as a lounge lizard he still likes to stretch his legs occasionally.

William likes to run too!

William and Brown’s owners won this session in a fund-raising auction for Pet Rescue. So not only was it heaps of fun to do this shoot, but the money went to a great cause also. Thanks Sophie and Alex!