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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Take one Dobermann and one big red dog. Add an empty park and some toys. What do you get? Flying dogs!

My plan was to do a shoot with Obi [the big red dog!] but a certain black and tan Dobermann needed to be worn out before she could be left alone in the house! Always stealing the limelight this one!!

She does stop to catch her breath occasionally.

Isn’t Obi just gorgeous? You might remember him from earlier in the year when he modeled a collar for Ruthless Leather. I still covet him!

I arranged to meet some carers for DCH Animal Adoptions yesterday to photograph their foster dogs. It was a perfect afternoon for it, with patches pf blue sky and some light cloud cover. I got savaged by mosquitoes, but that’s par for the course at this time of year I guess!

Johnny is a 14mo Bull Terrier x. He reminded me so much of Chopper with his lovely brindle coat and his ball obsession. He’s a gorgeous social dog with lots of personality. Another one I’d take home if we had room!

From the DCH website: What a cool dude Johnny is! A happy, energetic little man who has a helicopter tail that is constantly showing his affection. Johnny is proving to be a very clever boy who has learned SIT, STAY, HEEL and has RECALL when out enjoying his daily romps at the dog park. Dog friendly with other dogs, Johnny is a well mannered boy who although can be excitable, knows how to behave around humans of all sizes and is at the perfect age to bond with a family. Would suit a family with another dog for company or one that can guarantee regular involvement with his two-legged family.


Oscar and Charli are litter-mates who have been in care since they were small puppies. They are now 12 months old and very bonded, so DCH are looking to rehome them together.

From the DCH website: Oscar and Charli can be a little timid with new things, however, once they are comfortable, they are VERY smart and the life of the party. They gain security from calm, confident people and especially from confident dogs. For this reason, they would probably not suit children under 10 or so and should not be an only dog. Oscar and Charli are obedience trained (SIT, COME, STAY, HEEL) and have good manners with food. It would be fantastic if Oscar could stay with his sister Charli and a discount will be offered if they can stay together. They would be very suited to living on acreage as they play happily together all day. They are located in the inner west of Sydney.


We’ve been having a lot of rain in Sydney recently, so when I woke up yesterday morning and saw that it wasn’t raining and there were actual patches of blue sky I immediately got on the phone and scheduled a shoot at Sydney Dogs and Cats Home. I’d already had to cancel twice due to bad weather, but as soon as I got in my car it started raining again. I decided to risk it and drive out there anyway. I’m glad I did because it soon stopped raining and I managed to get five dogs photographed before it started again. We later realised that one had already been photographed so here are the other four. No prizes for guessing which one I fell for in a big way!!

UPDATE: I have been told that Nugget and Roxy have each gone on two week trials in new homes. Fingers crossed it works out for them.