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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Trixie’s day consists of sleeping, sleeping and then some more sleeping, interspersed with some looking for food and then back to sleep again! There was an “AmStaffs and their toys” photo contest on a forum I frequent so I asked Dave if he’d take her over to the park and throw the ball for her while I took photos. I love seeing those ears doing their thing!

I had to get Trixie to model some of our collars yesterday. Much as I’d love to get Chopper to model all of them, cause it’d make my life easier, I thought a bit of variety would be good. Trixie wasn’t too happy to help unfortunately! She was still a hundred times better than Angel though!!

It looks like the Ruthless Leather website may take a little longer than anticipated to finish, so I thought I’d add some more photos of our designs to the blog.

Chopper’s reflector set has been really popular. We’ve already made an identical one for a Beagle and this red and silver set for a Stafford.* 1″ collars are available in black, brown or burgundy leather, with silver or brass hardware and amber, red or clear reflectors.

* It’s being modeled by Angel whose neck is slightly smaller than the dog it was made for.

There are also a couple of orders for 1.5″ reflector collars that we’ll be making shortly. 1.5″ collars are available in black, brown or burgundy leather, with silver or brass hardware and amber, red, blue or clear reflectors.

Next up is a 1″ Celtic knot design. It’s silver on brown leather. It’s only available in 1″ with silver on black, brown or burgundy leather.

Chopper’s neck is a bit small to carry off a 1.5″ collar, so the next two we had to make for Trixie to model. Pretty as she is, she’s far from co-operative!!

First one is burgundy leather with brass hardware and pyramid studs. It’s also available in brown or black leather with brass or silver hardware.

Last one is burgundy leather with a Celtic heart motif. It’s also available in black or brown leather.

Silver and brass martingale chains have just arrived, so I should have some new designs to show off shortly!

Chopper stuffed up a muscle in his shoulder last weekend playing fetch, so the vet prescribed anti-inflammatories and rest. He’s been getting onlead walks, but he’s craving a run. He keeps staring longingly out the window wishing he was free.

When Chopper’s bored he’ll find anything that can fit in his mouth and try and get you to throw it for him. High risk items are door wedges, socks and flip-flops!!