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Honey the Golden Retriever

On Saturday morning I arranged to meet my friend Dionne in Centennial Park at first light to take photos of her new dog Honey. She’s a three year old Golden Retriever. She’s only been in her new home for two weeks, but the bond between her and the family is really strong already.

The girls are totally smitten!

Keeping an eye on Dionne.

Hunting wabbits!

After the park we went back to Dionne’s house to take a few shots in the back garden. We discovered that Honey’s pretty good at catching treats!

She wuvs her new Mommy!

  • Charlotte Reeves - Gorgeous, gorgeous light! That fourth photo down is just amazing! The early starts are really worth it huh 😉

  • Anita - I agree with Charlotte, the fouth one down is stunning! I love the shot of Honey resting her head on her owners lap as well:)

  • Alyssa - Yup, 4th one down is the winner for me too.

    She looks so at home!! Obviously a match made in heaven for everyone involved. Warm fuzzy feelings. 😀

  • Ruth[less] - Thanks! I'm still recovering from the early start, but yeah, it was definitely worth it.

  • Dionne - Ruth you are amazing!!! The photos are stunning! make me all teary too!!

    Honey, the girls, Shane and I thank you!!!

    Dionne xx

  • Ruth[less] - My pleasure, glad you like them 🙂

  • Ruth[less] - Woops, I changed things around for my new blog. The fourth pic everyone’s referring to is now the second pic!

  • andrew - Hi there,

    We also have a beautiful Golden Retriever from our wonderful friends at GRR. Her name is Molly and she is 4 years old. Molly is a fully trained Delta Dog so is almost too smart. She is the love of our lives and I can’t wait to greet her every morning for another wonderful fun packed day.

    Your dog is just gorgeous.


  • Ruth[less] - Hi Andrew! Honey isn’t mine, she belongs to my friend 🙂

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