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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Apparently Santa didn’t get the memo this year about Chopper sometimes being a bit naughty, so on Christmas morning this shiny little number was under the tree for the boy.

Doesn’t he look handsome?

It’s 6mm thick brown bridle leather with solid brass hardware and amber reflective spots, so we won’t lose him in the park at night!

I finally got to take photos of Sidney last night. The first shoot was arranged for last week but he got savaged by mosquitoes the night before. We rescheduled for Monday but it rained. So luckily we got to go ahead with it last night cause Sid’s family are emigrating to London on Saturday. Sad face.

Sid’s such a happy little boy. I brought bubbles for him and he kept saying “bubbles, yay”. When he found a stick it was “stick, yay”. When we got back to the house afterwards he had “milk, yay”. Too cute!

They’ve been living in Newtown, so we just had to walk out the door into Camperdown Park to find some great graffiti.
I love how their eyes are both looking the same direction!

He was running around …

… but he fell over a few times!

If you look closely you can see his name tattooed on his Daddy’s wrist.

Then we went to the cemetery next door to look at the big fig tree.

Stick, yay!

Then it was bedtime so it was time to go home.

Safe travels Gazza and Nomi and Sid, see you soooooon! x

When Gayle booked me to take photos of Boss she warned me several times that he’s very naughty. I laughed it off and thought no one else’s dogs are as naughty as mine, I can handle it.

She said he gets really obsessed with toys, so I brought a stash of Cabanossi thinking I’d be able to get him to do anything for treats. I very quickly learned that anytime I reached for a treat he’d bark at me. Not so nice for the neighbours at 6am on a Sunday morning!

I took a couple of shots in the garden before taking a little stroll around the streets of Surry Hills and then over to the dog park. He was a challenging dog to photograph, but as Gayle kept reminding me, if I can do this I can do anything!

Banged up in the courtyard.

On the streets of Surry Hills.


Boss got a stern talking to …

… it worked!

Can you get it for me? I promise not to bark at you!

He’s a pretty mean ball catcher!

Then finally, after lots of barking at me, I managed to get one of him smiling for the camera! It was my last shot of the morning … number 303!!

He’s a sweet dog really, just a little bossy. I wish Angel would embody her name in the same way!!

On Saturday morning I arranged to meet my friend Dionne in Centennial Park at first light to take photos of her new dog Honey. She’s a three year old Golden Retriever. She’s only been in her new home for two weeks, but the bond between her and the family is really strong already.

The girls are totally smitten!

Keeping an eye on Dionne.

Hunting wabbits!

After the park we went back to Dionne’s house to take a few shots in the back garden. We discovered that Honey’s pretty good at catching treats!

She wuvs her new Mommy!