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Monthly Archives: July 2009

There were Schutzhund Trials on in Sydney this weekend. Watching those dogs work is absolutely jaw dropping. I have so much respect for the owners. Training a dog to that level of obedience takes a lot of dedication and discipline!

Sch.III obedience

Sch.III character work

The crowd all gasped together as I was taking this one!!!

Rhythm belongs to Chill‘s owner. When she mentioned that she was getting a merle Border Collie shortly I asked her
if I could go back over to photograph her. I figured that if I could photograph a litter of very young Doberman Puppies
a 14 week old Border Collie puppy would be no biggie!

Rhythm is the sweetest little girl and was an absolute joy to photograph. I think her modeling career has only just begun!

Cat tried his hand at a spot of modeling too!

Tiger belongs to Vanessa, a client of mine. I remember the day I first met her, when she arrived with Tiger I was just entralled by the cuteness! I wanted a dog just like her. She reminded me of a dog I used to love when I was a kid.
I’m not really sure how I went from wanting a Yorkie to ending up with Angel, but it’s all good. I still get to see Tiger quite often!

Myself and Vanessa were working together recently so I brought my camera in one day to take some shots of Tiger.
I made the grave mistake of bringing a squeaky toy and sending her into a barking frenzy!! I wasn’t very popular that day at all! Lucky I came good with some nice photos, so all was forgiven.

When Chill’s owner asked if I could take some pictures of her I jumped at the chance. Not only is she a very interesting looking dog, I also knew she was well trained which always makes my job so much easier!! Such a good girl.

When I asked Henry’s owner if I could photograph him I didn’t realise what I was getting myself in to! Henry is only
14 months old and even though he was walked for over an hour before meeting me at the park, he was still a bundle of energy when they arrived. Luckily there was a little dog there who was happy to be herded so Henry got to run his heart out for a while before settling down to business.

With the help of his owner we managed to get him to sit still [briefly!] and got some good shots.

It was definitely my most challenging shoot to date, but I learned heaps and now I’m ready for anything!!